Stihl 009/010/011 Oil Pump Diaphragm Repair


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For english speaking people a short manual form a very kind guy called Paetersen form this Forum. Thank you so much Paetersen!!

The sandwich is put together like a rivet. I carefully pried one of the washers off one side. I remember having to go around several times, and only getting a little bit of movement each time. You’re basically mushrooming the center hole of one of the cups open to allow it to work off the center ’stud‘. To reassemble I used a socket that was just fit over the center stud as a staking ‚punch‘ to press it all back together. Hopefully all that will be clearer when you are looking at the diaphragm. Follow the steps shown in my pictures and good luck!


Working principle of the pump.


Worn out and hard diaphragm.


Levering up the rivet.
Cutting the new totally soft new diaphragm.


Riveting all together.







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